Instagram Links Landing page

Instagram only allows for one clickable link in your Instagram Bio, so use it wisely by creating an Instagram links page so that you can easily direct your clients to the information they are looking for instead of sending them searching from your homepage.

I have created this page for my Instagram Bio Link on my own website using Elementor so that the interested party can quickly navigate on their phone to a specific page on my website or be directed to my email for easy contact. Of course it also looks professional and it is another step to show off with your beautiful and cohesive branding.

how to

If you have a website:

  • Create a links page directly on your website (remember to hide your header/footer)
  • Create a links page in Elementor and insert it on your website – here is a step by step video to guide you:

If you don’t have a website:

When you are done, remember to update your Instagram profile and tell your friends about it! And just like that, you have another #contenttip