Digital Signature #freetool

sample: used on a stock image mock-up

sample: used on a social media post

Adding your handwriting to your website, email newsletter, welcome packs, or even a thank you card is a quick and easy way to add your personality to your brand or business.

I usually create images like these in photoshop which also allows me to easily change the colour, however, if you are looking for a free way to do this, here you go, you only have to do this once and you can use your digital signature over and over again.

Tip: If you use this on your site etc. use your name and not your full signature including your surname because you don’t want some scammer to misuse your full digital signature 🙂

how to


  • write your name with a black felt tip pen (or colour of choice) on a white piece of paper
  • take a picture of your name with your phone, edit the image so that it is neatly cropped -> save image
  • email the photo to yourself (and save it on your computer) or … go directly to the next step on your phone


STEP THREE: Now your image is ready to be used in many ways

  • Use it in your website on the about us, contact page or blog posts
  • Use it in your email newsletter
  • Use it when you create campaigns, thank you cards, price lists, etc.
  • Use it on your social media post to sign off a special message or quote
Liezel Signature Dark Blue