why is a va a great idea for your business?

Being a business owner involves a lot. You are the visionary, the specialist as well as a jack of all trades. Growing companies and self-employed people alike soon have too much to do and too little time (and sometimes lack knowledge as well). Also, something I have learned on my journey is that it is really vital to have a soundboard so that you can discuss ideas and brainstorm with someone with a different perspective. You need help to grow your business.

Cooperation with a virtual assistant is a wonderful solution, for many reasons:

  • You hire an expert who thinks along on an entrepreneurial level
  • You receive support, save time, and can achieve business growth
  • You save money because you don’t have to invest in employment contracts, equipment, workspace, development, etc.
  • Virtual assistants are independent and do not need much guidance
  • Making use of a virtual assistant is very accessible because you can choose if you need a little or a lot of hours per month, or simply per project
  • Usually, a virtual assistant has qualities or skills that you don’t have so you can get business insights from a different perspective
  • You have someone that cheer you on, you can move faster because you don’t have to do it alone

and more frequently asked questions ...

who is a va for?

For all businesses and companies who are temporarily or structurally too busy. Whether you are a self-employed person or the owner of a medium-sized company, you can only spend your time once. A VA takes work off your hands and ensures that you can spend your time on your core business.

how do we communicate

This can be done in different ways depending on what suits you best. We can e-mail, (video) call or you can also contact me via Signal and Telegram. Before we commence working together, we will discuss the best way for our project/package.

do you only work with netherlands based businesses?

No, because of my background and preference to work in English, I work with amazing clients and businesses all over the world, from the USA, South Africa to Europe including the Netherlands.

where are you situated?

I live in Santpoort-Noord, Noord Holland, the Netherlands. Just a half-an-hour train ride outside Amsterdam. I mostly work remotely from my Studio, or wherever there is Wi-FI, this is exactly the type of flexibility I love, living my best life.

you have a beautiful e-commerce shop, why offering services as a va?

I really enjoy working with people and brands that I admire. By offering this service as VA, I feel that I can assist and inspire them by sharing and implementing the knowledge and learning that I have gathered over my working life as well as my gifts and talents.

Also, my vision for my own ‘working future’ and life is to be as flexible as possible and work from wherever I am, which means slowly letting go of my physical product-based business.

Want to see my shop? Go here

what are your working hours?

Office hours | Mondays – Fridays | 09h00 – 16h00. 

Phone calls should be scheduled so that I can give my full attention to the project at hand.

what form of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. 

what problems can you solve in my business?

The quick version: Graphic Design & Branding,
WordPress Design & Technical Support,
Email Marketing & Business Communication,
Marketing & Social Media Support, Business Support.

For the detailed version, visit my services page here.

how do I get started?

Contact me to book a free introduction call so that you can start your outsourcing journey and I can start creating wonders for your business.